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Extra Curricular Achievements

At Holy Family we like to celebrate the achievements that our children may have outside of school too. Children are often on our More Able and Gifted and Talented Register due to achievements they have from outside of school. Below we have added some pictures sent to us from our parents of the amazing achievements they have had outside of school!

Well done to all of the children below for their many achievements!



Sienna Kavanagh

Sienna dances for the well known Salford Red Hot Flames cheerleading squad. Her cheerleading group is called Heatwaves. Sienna's group won 1st place in a recent dancing competition. They travelled to the ICC competition at Blackpool's Norbeck Castle on 22nd January to compete. They also received a bid for the Best of the Best competition 2018.

Congratulations to Sienna and her group, Heatwaves! Keep up the hard work! Keep those huge trophies coming!

Grace Reoch

Congratulations to our very accomplished kick boxer, Grace Reoch.  

Grace's Achievements

  • Ippon challenge silver medallist
  • WKC English open national championships bronze medallist
  • WKC European open championships gold medallist
  • WKC European open silver medallist
  • Kwon kids open bronze medallist
  • WOMAA girls teams winner

To add to this long list of amazing medals, Grace has also qualified for team England this year, to compete in the ISKA world championships in Greece and Italy. Grace was also a team England member in


Wow, Grace! We are all impressed with your hard work and dedication to kick boxing! Keep up the hard work!

Rebecca Ghola

Well done to Rebecca in Year 5! Rebecca has won a young writers writing competition and had her writing published. You can see in the pictures that Rebecca's story was chosen as the best in the book! We would not be surprised to see Rebecca as a published author when she is older! Congratulations Rebecca, keep up all of the hard work!

Evie Bridgen

Evie has been part of the 'Studio Dance Academy' for a while now and these are some pictures of when she has performed as part of a show. Well done Evie! This looks fab!

Diwali Mela

The children of Key Stage 2 who have been identified as More Able in Art and Design were invited to make Diwali lanterns with a special visitor in October. They were then invited, along with Year 3, to take part in a parade in Manchester celebrating Diwali. The parade was a great success and the children really enjoyed making their lanterns and then taking part in the parade. Thank you so much to all of the parents for all of your support. 

More Able, Gifted and Talented After School Club

After Easter we will be introducing a More Able after school club for children who want to learn how to play challenging board games. This club is not for the feint hearted. It will be available for any children who deem themselves hard working enough and good at board games. The first game we will learn to play will be 'Articulate'. Parents will be invited to come in and play the game in the last week of that term with their children.